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X Search HR Services is a HR Services & Solutions firm committed to partnering both corporates and candidates in their quest for the best. We believe that a true partnership is nothing but a mutually supportive alliance through which both parties recognize and understand their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared goals.
Our professional services offer value for money with an aim of developing long term partnering relationships with niche nationally recognized businesses. We use a combination of research methods, select advertising strategies and intensive networking to stay abreast of the industry developments. We nurture long-standing relationships and contacts with nearly 200,000 candidates, companies and allied professionals.
X Search provides state-of-the-art management and executive search,
leadership development, coaching, and staff assessment services
with a two fold approach - role fit and career fit.
We pride ourselves in our responsiveness (TAT), flexibility and innovation and our key objective is to deliver tailor made human capital solutions for the specific needs of our clients.
Our experience has seen us recruit across a broad range of industries and we specialize in sourcing professionals at the office support, middle management and senior executive levels.
Vision Statement:
“To profoundly impact the way companies hire, retain and develop people”
Shakti Sharma
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