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Our Focus
Our focus is on providing an exclusive, high quality permanent and contractual placement service, and in doing so, meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers, namely our clients and our candidates.
Our clients deserve and will receive:
Our time as and when required for meetings, briefs, communications and updates;
Accurate feedback, recommendations and advice in relation to the recruitment need, strategies and outcomes;
Regular communication in relation to assignment progress and employee retention and development assistance;
An honest appraisal and recommendation of the most suitable recruitment strategy to be implemented for each unique position;
A comprehensive and accurate assessment, report and recommendation of shortlisted candidates for consideration;
A negotiated fee that reflects the strength of our partnership, in that both parties view the fee as being fair and reasonable;
Solutions & Products aimed at consistently reducing the hiring expenses.
An unconditional guaranteed placement.
Likewise, our candidates deserve and will receive:
Immediate response to any position application, general enquiry and/ or follow up - guaranteed;
Honest, constructive feedback and/ or job seeking/ career advice;
Fair consideration and an honest appraisal in relation to their efforts in seeking employment;
A sense of respect, dignity, compassion and an overall positive experience;
Unquestionable privacy and confidentiality.
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