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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key qualities I should consider when deciding to hire a retained search firm?
The breadth and depth of experience of the key principals on your assignment should be a major factor. Don't get too carried away by a firm's name or supposed reputation; focus on who will be doing the work for your organization. Also consider relevant assignments that closely mirror your own as well as client references.
Why do I have to pay up front? I could use an employment agency and pay only on completion?
That's true and for some assignments agencies may actually be a better fit. If the assignment however is deemed critical; if confidentiality is an issue or you simply want someone from whom you can expect results and scheduled communications, then a retained firm may be your best investment. After all, that's how you hire your lawyers and accountants ...because you want and demand a committed resource that you can rely on and hold accountable.
My company could consider newspaper advertising or putting our job on the web where there are many career sites. Are these viable approaches to recruiting candidates?
In some circumstances these approaches can work fine, however you must be prepared to handle a high volume of inquiries and that takes time. Even the most carefully worded advertisement will still attract applicants who come nowhere close to meeting your requirements but who have nothing to lose by applying. In summary, as long as you have the resources to conduct large screenings and further telephone interviews to produce a field of possible candidates, these methods can save you money, if not time, and may lead to a successful hire.
If we pay a higher price and pay up-front do we get any other benefits?
You certainly do. First, our work is guaranteed for one year. This means if a candidate leaves, for any reason, we will replace him/her at no cost, except for out of pocket expense. Secondly, your organization becomes off limits to us for two years after the completion of our last search. This means we will not recruit from your organization nor accept resumes from your employees who may solicit us.
I am a potential candidate for an assignment you are conducting. What should be my expectations of your firm in representing me?
First, it's important for you to realize we actually represent the employer; they have paid us to identify successful candidates. Therefore, we will only be in touch with you if it seems there might be a realistic fit for the position. Because of our firm's reputation in the executive recruitment community, we receive thousands of unsolicited resumes and cannot possibly answer more than the small fraction that actually fit our client's needs.

If you are interviewed, however, we have an obligation to keep you informed on the progress of the search and to share with you our honest observations. If you are a finalist you can depend on our total advocacy on your behalf to assist you and our client arrive at a mutually agreeable employment agreement.
If we retain you to represent our organization; what should we expect?
First, a clear, written understanding of the search requirements, our process, timing and clearly spelled out fee structures and guarantees.

Second, continuous communication throughout the search. Typically, we speak with our clients on regular basis..

Finally, we perform all requested reference checks as well as assist and advise you on final negotiations until the individual is on board. Then, we monitor the relationship for the first year to insure a smooth transition into your organization.
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