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:: X SEARCH HR Services ::
Working with X Search HR Services has been a pleasure, with the organization sticking to it’s TAT of 24 hours for every requirement shared and thorough understanding of the profile. We look forward to this kind of a service for many more years to come…
Atul Pai
General Manager-HR, Thomas Cook
We have been working closely with X Search for past 8 months, and in this short while the commitment and professionalism which is shown by them is commendable. We have been able to fill in some key senior level positions through them, which may not have been possible if they had just played a role of a typical recruitment firm. What they offered is service more than “just a recruitment firm” by going ahead and being an advisor and consultant in the real sense.

In case of need or urgency X search is one of the first names that comes to our minds. What I admire about them is, they work on a junior position with as much dedication as they would work on a senior position, something that we find very rare.

And before signing off, just want to add few words on Shakti the Director of the firm, whom I have been working closely with. I have never heard a “No” from her for any assignment or help, her follow up is amazing, so one can be sure, if something slips your mind she is there to remind and take care of it. In the end I feel it is her never ending patience that drives the company and its values.

It is a pleasure to work with such a professional organization.
Prerna Sharma
Assistant Vice President – HR, Travelguru
I have known X Search for almost more than a year now. The firm is a colony of talented and experienced professionals. We have worked together on a variety of projects requiring collaboration, creativity, and managerial insight/judgment. X Search has constantly exhibited all these aspects. It has been a pleasure to see them going out of their way to achieve (what they call) ‘customer delight’. Both Shakti and Renuka (our account manager) have been committed, systematic, detail oriented, and diligent in their efforts, and charismatic in their interactions.

X Search has always exhibited very high levels of commitment and our account managers have displayed an in-depth understanding of the industry and (of course the) knowledge of relevant people on the look out. The team has been aggressive with consistent focus on the Turn Around Times they maintain and at the same time have displayed extremely high patience levels. While sharing our talent needs with X Search, we are rest assured about the delivery time, quality, details orientation, fitment, and right expectation setting of the candidates we meet.

We appreciate the important role X Search has been playing in the offer negotiations for both us and our candidates. Though we have seen them asking us to withdraw a couple of offers, but have never seen any of the people hired through them leaving us in the first 8 months (one attrite there J). It is interesting to see how they do not see hiring as a transaction but ask a lot of relevant questions- we appreciate the way consultants at X Search get inquisitive about the role and career paths for the positions they hire.

After the first couple of months of our relationship with X Search, the firm has been delivering outstanding outputs, exceeding expectations, and has been working as a great brand ambassador for us. No wonder they are one of our top recruiting partners.

It has been a pleasant and hassle free experience working with X Search. We have seen them grow over the last year and a half and wish them ever increasing success for the years to come.
Vice President, A leading BPO Company- Mumbai
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